Honey: Raw, Organic, Pure, Wild, Multifloral. What does it mean?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

We often hear the words; raw, organic, pure, wild, multi-floral when it comes to Honey but what do they actual mean?

Raw honey

This means that the honey comes straight from the honey comb and does not go through any process like heating. Raw honey might appear cloudy because of what it. Raw honey is very safe to eat.

Organic honey

This simply means the pollens/ nectar from which the honey bees feed from are organically grown plants, flowers and tress and that there are NO chemical induction in the growing of the trees and plants in that location in which the beehives are located.

Pure honey

Pure Honey refers to honey does not have anything added to it. For example, some honey products that has been mixed with ingredients like ginger and it then called ginger honey.

As the word implies Pure honey means the honey is natural and has NO additives.

Multi-floral Honey

This implies that there are different types and varieties of trees, plants and flowers at a location such that there is a wide range of pollens and nectar which the bees feed from and then deposit in their hives.

Note a bee can visit a thousand plants per day to collect necter and pollen

Wild honey

Wild honey is made by wild bees. These kind of bees can be found in parts of Africa and are also known as African wild bees / killer bees (Apis Mellifera).

Why Does Honey Crystallize?

When your honey crystallizes, it means that you’ve chosen a real, natural honey product. The honey has not gone bad. It means that your honey is natural and oh so good.

Crystallization occurs because of the natural qualities inside.

Now you know.

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