5 easy steps to making Hibiscus drink (Zobo/ Sobolo/Bissap/Sorrel)

Updated: Sep 24

Hibiscus drink is a tangy and refreshing drink that tastes amazing and is highly nutritious.

This is a highly popular drink in many West African and Caribbean countries and also know as Bissap (Senegal/Burkina Faso/Gambia) and Sobolo (Ghana) and Roselle, Sorrel (Jamaica).

Enjoy on a hot summer day or as a relaxing evening drink! It easy and quick to make too. Here's how to make it:

1. Briefly rinse the Hibiscus leaves in cool water.

2. Pour 4 cups of water into a pot and let it boil.

3. Add the Hibiscus leaves into the boiling water and boil for about 10 more minutes or until the water changes to a deep red color.

4. Pour water from the pot into a separate bowl using strainer or sieve to separate the liquid from leaves. Make sure not pour any of the leaves sediments into the bowl.

Let it sit for about 2hours.

5. Add some sugar and stir. Add some ice to serve chilled.


You can add some fresh fruit juices, ginger, cinnamon sticks, tumeric, lemongrass etc..if you want added flavouring.