Wanshop started  out in June 2020 during the COVID pandemic, mainly with an aim to offer a reliable online store for purchase and door-to-door delivery of unique and quality African products in Hong Kong as an option for people who wanted to buy them but could not venture out to go to physical stores.

We always strive to provide unique and quality products from Africa on our online store. Currently, Tuanngy Honey is one of such products.


Tuanngy Honey

Tuanngy® Honey is sourced from apiaries located in South-West of Nigeria,  an area naturally blessed with fertile land and green vegetation which is essential for beehives.

Tuanngy® Honey is 100% all natural, unadulterated, undiluted, multi-floral and organic wild honey from African Honey Bees without any addtives or anti-biotics. It is ethically-sourced, authentic African honey that contributes to healthier living without disrupting the ecosystem.

Tuanngy® Honey is  bottled with minimal processing, as a result, retains all of the good stuff that comes along with the nectar - pollen, enzymes, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The end result is a premium, all natural, raw honey with an exceptional flavor profile.


Tuanngy® Honey is  as close as you can get to reaching into a beehive and scooping out a handful of golden goodness.

100% Pure. No sugar additives. No antiboitics. No Cholestrol